Oct 12 2007Pegg, Cho Join Trek for Stars


Some surprising casting choices have turned up in the JJ Abram's Star Trek prequel, with Simon Pegg and John Cho (Harold, of and Kumar fame) taking the roles of Scotty and Sulu, respectively.

I'm actually pretty happy about this. But I honestly don't know why. I enjoy Simon Pegg and John Cho and I kind of like Star Trek, so I should be happy right? But isn't hiring two comedic actors for roles in a dork franchise kind of a bit of lazy cop-out stunt casting? If JJ Abrams is indeed going to keep patronizing us by hiring funny people with a built-in dork following as the new crew of the Enterprise, the new Kirk may very well end up being David Cross.

Cho, Pegg Beam Up To Trek [Sci-Fi]

Reader Comments

if Cross was Kirk it would be the best thing ever, probably, even though i don't like star trek.

worst. casting. ever.

I like both of them...and I guess I like Star Trek...
but this is just wrong.

what kind of tone is Abrams intending for this film? that dude needs to get it shit together or he'll prove just how overrated some people (me) think he is.

Whatev haters, I think this is awesome! I'll most definitely see this now, despite being a non-Trek fan. Simon Pegg is gold.

I know it's not a possibility, but the casting would be utterly perfect if they had Sam Rockwell as Kirk.

David Cross would make a better Picard than Kirk...

I just thought of something else... If Simon Pegg is going to play Scotty, then wouldn't it be great if Nick Frost is cast as Bones?

I can't wait for this. It keeps getting better with every update.

omg cross as kirk! brilliance!

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