Oct 8 2007'EverQuest' Players Tempted to Leave Home by 'EverQuest' Movie


A probable conversation that has occurred, according to this article about the probabily of an EverQuest movie at IGN:

Sony: Hey, former Marvel Studios producer Avi Arad. We should make a movie based on a video game. Those are always good.

Arad: Yes, they are. I won't ask you to name any specific video game movies that were good--it's common knowledge--so let's just move forward. Which game?

Sony: We were thinking EverQuest because 90% of the game is an exhausting, tedious leveling-up process that only the most dedicated geeks are willing to bother with for over a week, and even most of them have now moved on to World of Warcraft.

Arad: Sounds great. What's the story?

Sony: Some elaborate fantasy bullshit, but no one really pays that much attention to it because it's like a homework assignment to figure out who to talk to and where to go to put together much of a plot. And again, most users are too caught up in the non-stop battling and traveling to keep track.

Arad: Is there pretty universal appeal to this game then?

Sony: Absolutely not. Those rare few non-nerds that have heard of it only use that knowledge to mock the nerds they know who play it. The marketing campaign would consist entirely of comparisons to Lord of the Rings, because EverQuest also has elves and dwarfs and that kind of crap.

Arad: Where do I sign?

If you couldn't tell, I may have played EverQuest for a short, regretful period of celibacy.

EverQuest Movie Scoop! [IGN]

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Sorry EQ, WoW won, end of story. Too little too late, this may have been a very slightly good idea back when people actually somewhat cared a tiny bit about EQ, but the story behind WoW dwarfs any thing EQ could ever even come close to pretending to try and pass for a story line.

Does anyone STILL play EQ? I mean seriously.

60 war lfg! I also played EQ for a time. Good god I'm glad that time of my life is over. Now I just surf sites like this...

Yep, some still do play EQ. But if this would ever become a movie, I dunno. I think it's a bit too late.

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