Oct 1 2007David Lynch Sells Out, Peddles Gucci

I know David Lynch has done some commercial work in the past, and that it's not uncommon for modern directors to pawn products, but seeing this commercial by the Eraserhead director for Gucci by Gucci was still a real disappointment. This minute of models doing what must be the waifish equivalent of dancing (swaying gently with passing breezes) to the tune of "Heart of Glass," all I could think was, "Oh god, was there a time when David Lynch would dance to Blondie?" I never wanted to know that. That and I never like seeing something from David Lynch that makes sense on the initial viewing.

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Take out the soundtrack, and I can plausibly imagine Lynch directing this. I wonder whether he put together some drug-addled sound montage that made the Gucci folk's heads spin, and they just chopped the soundtrack and threw an easily-licensed Blondie track over it instead. Imagine these images, with sounds that recall Lost Highway, and it makes a lot more sense.

Well, that was just damn awful. But I guess even Lynch has to pay the bills somehow.

Those skinny girls can't dance.

I was going to say "If you took out the scene where the model strokes the perfume bottle and replace it with images of a horror, it wouldn't be out of place in any David Lynch film." That's a lie, though. He'd keep the shot with the bottle intact. The horror would come immediately afterwards.

Would have been better if a terrifying homeless man popped out from behind one of the models.

... or if the models were lip-synching to Roy Orbison's "In Dreams" for that matter.

it was great!!!

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