Aug 6 2007Indiana Jones IV Teaser Poster


Possible interpretations of the new Indiana Jones IV teaser poster:

1) Indiana Jones's storage company is really shitty, so much so that rather than place his belongings in a crate they just balance them precariously on the corner.

2) Indiana Jones owns a crate, which he also dresses as himself.

3) The part of Indiana Jones is now being played by a large wooden crate.

4) Indiana Jones is starting his own line of signature fedoras and whips along the lines of the popular "Property of (Sports Team)" t-shirts.

5) Carmen Sandiego is now into the BDSM scene, is a male, and is back.

6) A befuddled old Harrison Ford trapped himself in a box.


Reader Comments


Second, by a hair and a half.

now that we got over the first-and-second-thingie, I´m really looking forward to this continuation.
I only hope they don´t destroy good ´ol Indy with a stupid subpar sequel.
Although the bar is quite low already... the last one was such a crap that only having Sean Connery in it could have made it worse.

Surely that shard of shit can not be labelled first as he can't even spell it, you will never be first for anything, except perhaps for a govermental sterilisation programme.

I'll guess #3 or #6. That's a sturdy looking crate.

If the poster is real then this one has to do with the Ark of the Covenant again. That's the # put on the box before it is wheeled into the warehouse. Yes, I know it is ridiculous that I know this.

Rob is right. When this image first appeared on a few weeks ago, if you typed in that number as a url ( it took you to another page with a single link on it. Clicking that link took you to the wikipedia entry for The Ark of the Covenant. The url went down about 2 weeks ago.

Since mr.spielrock notice that is an old hunk, blend it with a joyride action with lots of amazing CGI and redlines of the prequel trilogy.. Well, it's better not hope 2much since indy's tv chronicles shades a different path. Best worth waiting.

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