Jul 17 2007DiCaprio to Maybe Play Hefner

You, with the boobs, my room, 10 minutes.

According to the Guardian, Leonardo DiCaprio is in talks to play Hugh Hefner in the upcoming biopic. The British are about as well known for responsible journalism as they are for world-class dentistry, and "in talks" is pretty vague as it is anyway, so who knows.

I would've liked to see Aaron Eckhart, because he has the whole ridiculously cleft chin thing down and you can't teach that in acting school. But either way it's probably going to suck because that chubby douche Brett Ratner is directing it. In other news, I will continue to not wear pants.

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Der, they shouldn't do this until after they make a bio-pic for that "Larry" guy who founded "Hustler" magazine.

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