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Alvin and the Chipmunks was never anything amazing, and even as a kid I never fully grasped why these giant, intelligent chipmunks were able to live in the human world fairly unnoticed outside of some relative fame as singers (rather than as the mutant freaks they were). However, I was fairly certain Hollywood was going to somehow take my mediocre memories of the series and destroy them yet again in their big screen, semi-live-action adaptation.

I couldn't have been more wrong! Look at this poster! They've cleverly made the chipmunks look like old school rappers! Just as Jason Lee implies with his expression and relative size, I want to eat these fellas up! I know what I'll be asking for come Christmas: tickets! (to this movie)


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I am amazed that Will Ferrell isn't playing the role of Dave. He takes all the other roles that suck.

first, the Tom Cruise ad... then this guy?... Anticlown Media - brought to you by Scientology! Hail Xenu!

Oooh la fuckin la! are they gonna rap?

yay to wiggermunks!

"Here comes trouble. Simon's gonna bust a cap in yo' ass for callin' Theodore fat an' cute."

I honestly hope at some point they have Alvin wearing an oversized alarm clock around his neck on a chain. See how I used each of their names in this post? Didn't even need to look them up or anything.

Will Alvin "bust a cap" into Dave's head?

Oh Karma is gonna be a bitch on this one.

Are you kidding? This is the stupidest looking thing I've seen since Garfield 2.

My name is Hurl.

You gotta be kidding me. No wonder this fucking country is going down the toilet. Whats next, Hip-hop Underdog? Talk about the dumbing-down of America. Wigger-munks.

I'm surprised they didn't go with the tagline, Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chippin' ain't easy.

I'm gonna buy tickets to this cinematic tumor just so I can douse the audience in kersone and throw an entire box of lit matches at them.

Haha sweet I'll bring the marshmallows!

That's Jason Lee? I thought Bruce Campbell had his chin shaved off.

I love watching Scientologists make asses of themselves. Which is pretty much as soon as they wake up in the morning.

Jeremy Piven is a fucking douche bag.

Oh God.
They don't understand that Simon is the nerd! I may die.

Please tell me that there is a drive-by shooting scene in this movie. Maybe then I'd watch it.

ALVIN! Yo! Take the safety off, niggah!

So Simon is a member of Run DMC, or another old school rapper, Alvin is Eminem, and Theodore is one of the Fat Boys, then?


The country's going down the toilet because of one stupid poster? Talk about overreaction! If they were dressed as hard rockers, would you be crying as much as you are now? I think not.

It's just one poster. Don't go off the deep end until you watch a trailer. In any case, were you really going to watch this movie?

lol. I wonder what the Chipettes look like. :::hopes for them to be slutty sluts w/ EXCELLENT hoohoos)

but seriously, maybe they're just in disguise. Eventually, we'll see more of how they look like in the coming months.

Yeah I agree, You guys are overreacting. I dont have high hopes for this movie because its about singing pet rodents. However, the chipmunks were always trying to stay current. When they came out in the 60's they sang corny kid jingles, when they came back in the 80's they sang rock/pop music, so now it only makes sense that they would try their hand at some hip hop. And i think its kind of ignorant to say that they dont know that Simon is the nerd just because he's dressed like a hip hop fans. A good deal of hip hop fans (and rappers themselves if you know them well enough) are in fact nerds, so I really wouldnt have a coronary about this poster.

WHAAAT HAVE THEY DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


y all the wigger comments... do you people understand that there is no word nigger? If your ignorant black or white your ignorant. we have an ignorant commander and chief and he's white so what.....you are what you are and to keep that word nigger alive is part of the problem....get a life the wool is over your eyes!!!!!!!!

Well... there goes MY childhood.
*vomits in a trashcan*

Oh my god. this has got to be a joke, right? i bet they made this just to show all those transformers geeks how that movie ain't so bad in comparison with the other crap Hollywood is churning out.

lol @ "Chippin' ain't easy"

For some strange reason I keep thinking about "Menace II Society"? Wierd.

I bet the soundtrack is going to feature 50 Cent.

I think I just died a little inside.

This movie will ROCK!!!

:whistle: :039:


Oh God...it's the three blind mice. This is horrible. No, one poster doesn't signify the end of our society, but it's sad that they keep glorifying these ridiculous stereotypes. If they were in punked out rocker gear with spiked collars, yes, I would still be shaking my head. The short one is shy and sensitive, the tall one is a nerd, and the middle one is a trouble maker. How is this supposed to translate now that they all look like 'munks in the hood? And why does Hollywood always associate black culture with thug culture? If they wanted to bring in a little minority color, they should have recast Dave instead.

Why Do They Have to be wannabe niggers just cause they dress the way they are...the chipmunks always dressed in wat pop culture percieved as popular....the shit may have nothin to do with rap or hip-hop wat-so-ever...you havent even seen a trailer or even heard them talk in the movie yet..........you say them looking this way is ignorant but your racist comments only make you ignorant.........plus if you watched the series you knew that alvin liked rap mussic, this is a promo poster (doesnt mean they are going to look like this in the movie...it was probably made as a joke)....Y are people takin this shit so seriously....wait for the trailer

gj racism

alvin was ALWAYS gangsta, since day one.

do the math, fools.
red oversized shirt from back in the dizzays..
now tomato red hoody.

little do we know, it's the end of the world for all y'all. he's the secret leader of the bloods.

Gs up, hoes down. crip killer #1 what, eff you emma effers. pay me.

(four-finger gang sign in the air)

i wish rapping wiggermunks on ALL scientologists.

TCLTC - Tom Cruise Love the Chipmunks (and Cock)

oh man.. this is gonna be bad.... lol i totally thought it was bruce campbell too.. minus the enormous chin... is there nothing fuckin sacred from our chikldhoods anymore... inspector gaget...gone...those terrible garfield movies..that new ninja turtle movie..blah the list goes on....... what next a fraggle rock movie... argghhhh

oh hey....... to whoever wrote this.....

." fase .... y all the wigger comments... do you people understand that there is no word nigger? If your ignorant black or white your ignorant. we have an ignorant commander and chief and he's white so what.....you are what you are and to keep that word nigger alive is part of the problem....get a life the wool is over your eyes!!!!!!!!"...

keep your fucking pants on.. this isnt a forum for racial terms and why we should/shouldnt use em... it's about a terrible movie.... douchebag...ha!

why does everything has to be nigger out? That shit is not even cool. Who the fuck thinks hip hop gear is cool?? First Chuck E Cheese and this?

What's wrong with staying classic?

Anyone else have/used to have the Chimpmunk Punk album? I still have it, and I think it was my first exposure to Billy Joel, The Cars and Queen as a kid. It's a cherished childhood memory and you haven't lived until you've heard Alvin singing My Sharona!

They look nothing like the original one's, Yes alvin was always the badass, aparently, but the others were sweet and cute, one even had glass's, and the other was small, Sure they look more interesting, but you shouldnt take somthing classic, and turn it into somthing unreconizable, The only thing that gives it away is alvin's shirt, and the fact that it says, CHIPMONKS, Looks like fun but there was no need for all that change in character.

are you KIDDING me?!?!? WHY!?!?!?!

instead of ruining the childhood memories of myself and others of Alvin & the Chipmunks - why not do something like . . . . i don't know, be original and create a new movie that has nothing to do with popular child culture from the 80's and 90's??? is that too much to ask? i don't think so.

what's next a live action version of the smurfs?!?!?

oh god, i may have just given someone their next "film"

Hehe. At first I read the tagline as "Here come trouble." Actually, I'm surprised it doesn't actually say that.

Wow this looks great

Digg is where rtards live and I'm not a faggot.

OK, this is gonna sting.

Seriously, is there no pup culture artifact they won't dredge up? Hollywood's whole plan these days seems to be to consume itself until nothing original is left. I mean honstly--the bleedin' chipmonks!? They just don't care. I swear, if it gets to the point where they do a movie version of the "Hair Bear Bunch", I'm leavin' the damn country.

This is the worst re-imagining since "Chipmunk Punk". Yeah, dammit, I want my nerd-Simon back.

...the chipmunks were anything BUT ghetto

"If your ignorant..."

I love the IM generation.



They should have made Simon Nerd-Core.

That would rock.

OMG, WTF, pure nerd meat.

OOOOOOhhhh, they have em in old style rapper dress ups, I just haave to get tickets; christmas.

a little too easily pleased me thinks.

I can't believe they didn't cast Tom Hanks. http://www.templatestaff.com

Regarding the use of the "N word" -- you do realize that the word NIGGER is only offensive to commie pinko WHITE LIBERALS, don't you? Black people don't really care. So say it loud and say it proud: NIGGER! NIGGER!! NIGGER!!! Piss off a liberal today!!

Alvin, Simon, Theodor!!
We're the chipmunks..
Du du dudududu.

@ 47

Ummm... fuck no.. some black people get pissed when you say nigger.. Believe me.

is it me or is theodore holding a blunt?


This is sad because the younger generations have no real clue who Alvin is so there trying to whitewash the cartoon's history and make it more presentable or modern. I wouldn't be surprised if they used moderately family acceptable rap music within the movie - something like Black Eyed Peas which for some reason they seem to put in these children movies, like Garfield. This is just so stupid, I would never pay to see anything like this. I'm happy with the Chipmunks remaining in cartoon form - as they were not as some gangsters or "urban hiphop" themed chipmonks.

ummm, the little guy in the green sweats is Asian. Alvin is white (only a white kid, oops, chipmunk could get into as much trouble as Alvin and not have to face any consequences. Yeah, the one in blue (Simon) is black. Word!

Making a semi-live-action movie about Alvin and the chipmunks is a bad idea, but not a horrible idea. I'd just not see it if it came out. Making the chipmunks look like old school rappers? Well now I actively HATE HATE HATE this movie and will ostracize any of my friends that even consider seeing it.

This movie is going to be the biggest bomb ever and may ruin some careers.

I want to take the people who pitched this project and punch them all so hard in the face that they crap teeth.

Simon reminds me more of Cypress Hill. Rofl.

utter shit


Sincerely yours,
Michell B.

What the hell is Jason Lee doing?

Like Poochie, only worse.



This is depressing as hell. Hollywood, has, officially officially, killed the movie industry.

i live in argentina
and i hope
this movie never be played on my country

Oh God, there go my childhood memories. I'm 55 now and when I was a child I would sing, "Christmas is a time for cheer" in Alvin's voice. I can still do it. Also his famous, "YEah, WHAT??" or "Ohh-KAYYY!" responses to being called. Folks thought it was cute. I played with tame chipmunks in Sequoia National Park. Cute. What the folks didn't know is how much I LOATHED those friggin' singing chipmunks! Now I gotta hear 'em again, when I thought I'd put that all behind me??? AAAAAaaaaahhhhh!!!!!

Potentially. Best. Movie. Ever.

One Nation, Under Dog.
Plot Outline:A lab accident gives a hound named Shoeshine some serious superpowers -- a secret that the dog eventually shares with the young boy who becomes his owner and friend.

Also, they're making a new Fraggle Rock movie. Directed by one of the Zappas, but I forget which.

Why? Why? Why cant they just fucken come up with something new? Dont fuck with the old, it's already been done. Fuck Hollywood. And Jason Lee...I used to like him...but come on.

Re: 9 and 64

Not only is there an UNDERDOG movie, but Jason Lee provides the voice for Shoeshine (a.k.a. "Underdog").

Next on his list of to-do's: Papa Smurf.

(I seriously thought that was Tom Hanks when I walked past the standee in the theatre.)


Are you really a die hard chipmunks fan that doesn't want the Chipmunks to make a comeback because you liked the old songs you grew up with? Guess what? I have news for you... I heard some of the music that will be in the film. The Chipmunks sound better than ever and are not remaking NWA songs. They have a sound and style all their own and the choreography is to put it simply... AMAZING. If you are an avid hip hop lover or can just appreciate The Chipmunks even just a little bit.. you will enjoy this film. I say Bravo to Hollywood for continuously keeping the young and old entertained. Once a Chipmunks fan...always a Chipmunks fan...Regardless what era they sing in.

You know...I sat here and read all .69 previous comments. I am amazed at the level of racism that is still alive and well in this country. You don't understand advertising and bait and switch tactics at all. This poster was meant for nothing more that than to spark intrest in an old classic and yeah if its done for an audience of today I bet Alvin will most likely do something hip and up to date. It doesn't mean that he is going to walk around the whole movie with a hoodie on. You know it's sad when more that 50% of the comments about a children's movie become racially charged. I am not a fan of hip-hop but I also say its no worse that "Sex and Drugs and Rock n' Roll" or those freakin goth kids. Yeah, that's it maybe they should put them in all black and paint their finger nails black and give them tight t-shirts with a bloody Hello Kitty on the front.

what the fuck is this shit?

Alvin & the Chipmunks aren't black.

yay, more glorification of black culture.

doesn't anyone seen how fucking stupid this is?

O man. i'm soo excited for this movie. I love the chipmunks and for them to make a movie about it is the greatest idea ever. don't listen to this idoits and how they think this movie is dumb or lame. obviously they are'nt true chipmunk fans. wut would be awesome is if they introduced the chipets and they started rockin out at some concert.

are you fa($@)$@ serious? why are all my childhood memories destroyed by some poor ass director who needs to support his ugly ass children. like $#@!)$#*!#. errrrr.

OMG ppl, watch the trailer for gods sake! They're not dressed like that for the entire movie. *rolls eyes*



Well... didn't know what to expect really... However, the kids and I really enjoyed this movie.... and guess what??... I can still remember the childhood memories also!!... what's the problem with people about the movie business doing this? surely it's a compliment to the original???

HEY HEY HEY!!! i LOVED this movie and I love everything about the chipmunks!!!!!! This movie was AWESOME!!!! I have the video game and the soundtrack!!! Well, I'm am going to get more things when I find them! I LOVE THIS MOVIE AND THE CHIPMUNKS TV SHOWS ALSO THEIR LITTLE CARTOON MOVIES, SO BACK OFF NON-BELIVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why the fuss about what race the chipmunks are? For heaven's sake they're just animals!

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