Jun 6 2007Shoot 'Em Up Trailer

"Shoot 'Em Up" takes its title literally.

Real men (and butch women) should watch this new trailer to Shoot 'Em Up. It's like someone finally listened to me when I said, "There should be a movie where there's this awesome dude who's, like, an expert with guns and shit, and he goes around with all these sweet guns shooting bad guys." They even cast Clive Owen as the awesome dude, who we all know is ok to have a bit of a male crush on!


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so, totally ridiculous, and yet friggin awesome at the same time. i just hope they don't take this movie seriously. the "Kickstart my Heart" kinda enforces that they won't. though i'm afraid there's a large Snakes on a Plane influence here.

I think we witnessed the interity of Monica Bellucci's speaking lines. Or so I hope.

I take offense to the Butch lesbian line. Watching Clive Owen as a tough guy with a gun only make me cream my panties for him all the more.

"Who are you?"
"I'm a British nanny, and I'm dangerous."


you know how frank miller didnt want to make sin city for so long because it would have never been done right? well if you take an example of what a sin city piece could have been, if done wrong, and mix in the transporter you pretty much have this film

which i will see and enjoy every minute of

I like clive owen, but if he hold's up production of Sin City 2 I'm going to have to put a jihad on him.

Rambo IV, and now this?

I think action flicks are starting to make a come back.

And I'm very pleased.

uh-vanman-do u know what jihad means? from your comment obvioulsy not lol!

Holy smokes. This is what John Woo's American movies should have been like.

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