Jun 22 2007Scarecrow is Totally in The Dark Knight


A "spy" (nerd with camera) in Chicago managed to sneak some footage of The Dark Knight being shot, and it appears, dear readers, that Scarecrow is returning. Cillian Murphy was on the set to reprise his role as the villain for the Family Guy-style flashback scene after Batman says, "Hey, remember when I beat the Scarecrow with the help of Gary Coleman?"

See actual moving (but pointlessly distant) footage under the cut.


Reader Comments

Um, Gary Oldman.

Five bucks says the scarecrow appears early in the film, before the Joker, and meets his end at the Joker's hand.

I'm with Aaron on this one.

Yeah, so what if it's Oldman. Coleman sounds SO much funnier.

I'm just dying to see how batman will look on his "batpod" during a red light, lol. Just there all serious and shit, ignoring the people around him.

I don't think the Joker will kill Scarecrow. Most supervillians, in case you don't know, are major Reagan republicans. Their cardinal rule is "never harm another republican and/or supervillian" I think scarecrow will serves as sort of an educator to the Joker as to how to take Batman down and will probably supply him with the knowledge to make some kind of drug which joker will modify to bring Bats the giggles. That's all the Joker really wants to do; bring laughter to the children. BUT Batman has to go getting in the way . . . like most clown stories, it's a tragedy. Well actually "It's" a crappy made for TV horror show, but you know what I mean.

Oh man, Ricky, that red light comment was hilarious. Second laugh of the day goes to you (the first laugh of the day came from "'Captivity' Release Party to Include Monkey Knife Fights").

You're a dipshit Og.

And p.s. Why would the Joker take advice on how to screw Batman from someone who failed to do so?

No joe,
You're a dipshit.

You wouldn't know a funny post if it tapdanced across your mom's boobs.

And how do we know that scarecrow wasn't taking summer courses on being scary. Hmm? Say what you want, but supervillains and Republicans stick together. Its like bros before hoes.

Maybe Two-face will kill Scarecrow

nah, its already said that scarecrow is taken down like some simple common thug in the dark knight and its most likely early in the movie by the hand of batman. So as much as i like ciillan murphy and scarecrow, it looks like he doesnt have much of a role

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