Jun 26 2007Indiana Jones First Day Shooting Diary


Though it lacks the emotional power of Schindler's List, Steven Spielberg has thrown together a short video of the first day of shooting Indiana Jones IV. Are you ready for all the fedora-wearing, whip-cracking adventure you've been waiting 18 years for? Well, keep waiting a bit longer. But if you're excited to see a bunch of old guys in baseball caps and sunglasses--two of whom happen to be Steven Spielberg and George Lucas--watch this clip.

Is anyone else as bothered as me to see Lucas on the set? I know he's key in the development, but you can almost see how he's already plotting from the sidelines, "How could I work in a goofy, computer-generated sidekick and some of my much-appreciated humor?"


Reader Comments

Hey now, lay off Jar Jar. He saved that sixology.

I think Lucas learned his lesson from the Jar Jar backlash. His role was severely diminished in AOTC and almost non-existent in ROTS.

He sure as hell ruined Phantom Menace, though, god damn!

the whole gang's here.

right on.

wooh! go movie!

wooh! go movie!

Geeky Boner!

Geeeeky Boner!

I'm sorry, but man... I am so looking forward to this. It could either just be amazing and brilliant, and a reason to invalidate my Indiana Jones boxset, or, sadly, it could be a steaming pile.

Sooo, hoping for the amazing... so hoping...

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