Jun 4 2007I'm Not There Poster


Todd Hayne's Bob Dylan biopic I'm Not There has been garnering some modest attention because of its gimmicky concept, which involves several actors you wouldn't expect to play the folk artist throughout his life. Pictures had previously turned up of Cate Blanchett in the role, but this poster is the first I'd seen of Christian Bale and Heath Ledger as the singer/songwriter. Blanchett still looks great, but it appears Bale is playing Dylan as a character from Grease, while Ledger is Dylan as the superhero guy from The Adventures of Pete & Pete. I'll hold out judgment until I see Richard Gere as obnoxious Tibetan activist Dylan.


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Wait....Artie, the Strongest Man In the World from Pete & Pete? I gotta see this!!

I'd feel sorry for Bale, but he's playing Batman next year.He could play Olivia Newton- John herself in this and still come out of this unscathed. By the way, what's with the rabbi in front?

Artie reference FTW.

By the way, one the Bale picture, that's Dylan's harmonica getup he had, not the collar on a leather coat. But I could see where that would be confusing.

wait a minute, first bob dylan wrote every song in the past 35 years now he is batman and the joker? jews do run the world ;)

lmao! You hit the nail on the head there, the first thing I thought when I saw that poster is that Bale looks like he belongs in Grease.

That being said, I gotta say that I just have zero interest in this movie. It's an interesting enough concept, but I guess I just don't have any desire to watch a Dylan biopic.

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