Jun 1 2007Denise Richards Playing Stripper


Variety reports Denise Richards will star in A Beautiful Life, joining Jesse Garcia, Dana Delany, and Michael Madsen in the indie drama (despite the name, Roberto Benigni is not involved). More importantly, she will be playing an exotic dancer, meaning, like previously with Wild Things, the hopes of seeing her naked will entice thousands of junior high kids to fast forward through most of this movie.

With both Richards and Lindsay Lohan now playing strippers on screen, it's like the line between stripping and acting is becoming blurred. Good news for Talisman, my favorite local exotic dancer, who tells me she's really an actress at heart. You're getting there, darling!


Reader Comments

and this is a stretch for her how?

what am i saying, i still wouldn't believe her performance.

I've always wondered... does she have implants or not?

they look just too firm and round. but her topless scenes arent very detailed..
she has nice nipples though!

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