Jun 27 2007Be Kind, Rewind Drives Miss Daisy

Shirt from the closet of Steven Seagal.

Another shot has turned up from Michel Gondry's Be Kind, Rewind, in which Jack Black and Mos Def are forced to re-create movies after accidentally erasing the entire rental store. Can you guess which film they're re-enacting here, ignoring the title where I blatantly give it away?

That's right, it's Driving Miss Daisy, my favorite pro-slavery movie. Extra points go out to the makeup department for adding the signature Morgan Freeman freckles to Mos Def.


Reader Comments

I actually really wanna see his movie, I'm really curious.

agreed, the premise sounds hilarious

you're an idiot. they're obviously remaking the film "Roots"

what a maroon!

You're favorite pro-slavery movie? Ohh quit whining, Sharpton. Waaaaaah. Get over it.

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