May 18 2007Nestor Carbonell Joins Dark Knight

Nestor Carbonell, who once played Batman parody Batmanuel on The Tick and a parody of someone foreign in Suddenly Susan, has joined the cast of Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight in the role of the mayor of Gotham. In honor of this news, here's some top secret spy footage from the set of the hightly-anticpated Batman Begins sequel. Don't tell the studios!


Reader Comments

wtf? no, really. what the fuck was that?

yeah for real, i think i just got downs syndrome from watching that

this was your best post evar!!!1

The Batdance ruled ok!

Goddamn I love The Tick, but I preferred the cartoon over the live action show.

that is almost as disgraceful as Batman & Robin

Was that the actual video for the song, or just a skit from SNL or something? I guess I just don't understand the 80's.

My God. That was the most fantastico thing I have ever seen. I really think I love you. Or maybe I love that person (kinda?) dressed like a pirate in that video. Either way, I am sure a cape could be involved.

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