May 25 2007National Treasure 2 Trailer: Praying for Sweet Release of Death

Blacks will be hated, crappy movies made.

The National Treasure 2: Jerry Bruckheimer Continues Pooping trailer is now online.

The whole thing basically consists shots of world landmarks intercut with actors looking pensive.

I don't even know what to say. Shit like this really makes satire obsolete.

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Is this really called 'Praying for Sweet Release of Death' , or is that what I'm feeling right now????

Probably a bit from column A, and a bit from column B.

This better be about the "Lincoln was gay" rumor.

Satire is by definition a shot at humor. You and your nice site have grown to pooping on films in general. Funny? Well, no. Hate laden? Getting there.

Hey, folks, this is SHAKESPEARE compared to the Jerry Bruckheimer vehicle that follows it (Pirates of the Caribbean 3) (I can't believe I sat through that) But I have been waiting for this trailer all year. I wasn't expecting lots and lots, altho I would have liked a comment from Ed Harris & Helen Mirren. Dec. 21st can't come soon enough for me, and I will see this picture more than once.
As opposed to PC3 (swill) (bilge) (etc) (paychecks) National Treasure as a movie grew on me, and it certainly passes the insomnia test. (a biggie) It holds up. The music is catchy too. Glad Trevor Rabin's coming back on 2.
So, Arrgh for PC3, and Can't Wait for National Treasure 2! I think I know who's winning....

if you could go back in time and have gay sex with any US president, who would it be...?

Lyndon Johnson. That was one hard motherfucker. He'd probably tear my ass.

Teddy Roosevelt, for sure. Sure, he was a big tough bull moose, but when he refused to shoot that bear, he proved that deep down he was just a big softie. So yeah, you know I'd hit that.

Easy answer. Dwight Eisenhower. What he lacks in physical appeal he makes up for in pure sexual domination.

I'd let him National Interstate Act my backside all night long.

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