May 23 2007Good Luck Chuck Posters


For those innocents reading this, hoping to fully understand these three new posters for Good Luck Chuck, let me explain a few commonly held notions about sexual imagery.

1. Practically anything remotely dowel shaped can be thought of as a penis. If said phallus drips a white fluid and is licked, the imagery is heightened, even if the object barely resembles the shape of a penis whatsoever.

2. If a guy is shirtless and smiling, and you can see a head peeking out from his crotch, that man is almost certainly receiving oral sex.

3. I guess if you put a hole in a grapefruit, you can have sex with it? This one kind of lost me.

These descriptions will make more sense if you look at the other posters, under the cut.




Reader Comments

Good thing they didn't photoshop this poster, or if they did, its not as noticable as the invisible woman one.

The advent of sexin' up a garpefruit was developed by myself and some highschool chums one hot summer after our first viewing of the first American Pie. Each of us desperate virgins tried and failed to fuck our own pies, but I was the only one foolish enough to try mine straight out of the oven. I was brutally scalded and, needless to say, required some cold relief. Closest thing I could find was a corkscrew and a bowl of the cirtus-ey smooth brunch meals. Using only my penis I drilled a hole in the one side and indulged, soothing my burns and totally getting off.

Sadly, a friend of mine videotaped the whole thing without my knowledge and sold the tape to various graphic artists and producers. It was only a matter of time before it found its way to a major motion picture...

Wow. That second one is the most disturbing poster I've ever seen.

For the record, there's nothing funny about Dane. I've met retarded burn ward patients with cancer that were funnier than Dane.

What is Dane Cook thinking?
"Yeah, I'm awesome."
That's what he's thinking. ALL THE TIME.

These posters are morally repugnant, even by Hollywood standards. Depicting b---jobs and sex with fruit on posters that will be publicly displayed?!!

Hollywood truly is a Gomorrah that should be annihilated.

No, I'm not kidding.

dude, they're stupid posters, but you need to lighten up. Sex ain't the worst thing ever to happen to man.

oscar nominees right here!

Ew, ew. Total lack of taste or appeal. Looks like another terrible movie, whatever it is.

Lack of taste and disgusting. The posters should be banned.

The "there's something about mary" and "american pie" references?.... are just bizzare. Why would they think invoking the title of two funny movies would trick people into seeing a Dane Cook movie?

I have to balance my lust for Jessica Alba with my hatred for Dane Cook...

Sorry, I hate Dane Cook too muck to see this movie.

I'm having a lot of trouble with that grapefruit 'hole'.

Genuis. Love the drip drip drip.

Daniel needs to come out

She is so pretty, i love commenting

I'm not positive, but I am pretty sure that the hole in the fruit is not for "sex".
My bet is they are going to smoke weed out of it. Just a thought

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