May 22 2007Anthony Michael Hall Joins Dark Knight

AMH: Just happy to be working.

Though he can reveal nothing of the plot, or even what character he plays, Anthony Michael Hall is so excited about being in something bigger than a USA series that he blabbed to the LA Daily News about his casting in The Dark Knight. With the recent casting of Eric Roberts as well, it would seem director Christopher Nolan must have just discovered the straight-to-DVD section of Netflix. At this rate, Riddler, Penguin and the rest of the villains are going to end up being played by Gary Busey and some Baldwins.


Reader Comments

Can you picture him being Robin...... LMAO

Pauley Shore as catwoman

Baldwin's are awesome... coming from one...

Dude, he was awesome in Freddy Got Fingered.

he's one of the best actors out there. if you were in batman wouldn't you want people to know. p.s. the dead zone is in it's sixth season. and he's and icon. what have you done in your life?

Just because he`s happy to be in a big movie doesn`t mean he hates working on a TV-Show. He didn`t say this with one word! He`s a great actor who takes every role serious big or small. Bet you can`t say this about every actor, can you?

"AMH: Just happy to be working."
The Dead Zone is one of the greatest shows ever and Michael did 80 episodes so far, treating every episode like a feature movie.
Let`s say an episode lasts 40 min without commercials and a feature 120min. That would make about 26 features in 5 years! And he`s in almost every scene. That means 15 hour days, 5 days a week, for month and I can`t remember a scene he did not do a great job!
So much to "Just happy to be working."!
You seem to be one of these ignorants who think that every great actor that exists gets the big roles in Hollywood and those actors who don`t get the big roles are simply bad actors.
That`s just stupid, sorry!

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