Apr 23 2007Joker Makeup Test?


This shot is supposedly a makeup test for Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, which has replaced the bright, garish Joker ensemble we know and love with something more akin to The Crow makeup done with scars. This is clearly a darker, edgier Joker that prefers his emotional attacks come in the form of Cure mixtapes over chemical nerve gases. Better yet, he helps the camera crew shoot color cards or whatever they need. He even restocks the craft service table, and that's no joke!

UPDATE: Turns out it's a fake. You can read all about it here, and even see the sample images used to create it.


Reader Comments

Remind anyone else of Itchi the Killer?

"Itchi" haha - no it doesnt remind me of Ichi the killer.

Well then, you sir are very poor at recognizing patterns in nature. If you were a caveman, you'd probably get eaten by a sabre toothed tiger. Other cavemen would try to warn you, but you'd be all like "No way, dude, that doesn't look anything like that other cat that ate my retarded sister." And then you'd wander too close.

Anyone else notice too many fingers on that hand?

I wonder if Daniel Ash will kick in on the soundtrack. He looks like "The Carver" from Nip/Tuck. Or a carver victim. I should know since I watch that so much.

Do they actually expect him to solve a rubix cube that large?

He looks (somewhat) like the Joker from One Year Later. Which wasn't modeled after Ichi at all. Rather it was a Joker that spoke insanely, incoherently, and after being shot in the face, had reconstructive surgery as well as facial modifications to make him look as though he was smiling all the time. Thus the scars on the corners of his mouth.

It could take 100 years to complete that rubik's from the looks of it.

good one vince - I love the part where you write
"but you'd be all like "No way, dude"
you are so talented

I have a queasy feeling that all of the above comments were written by the same person. Not because I've dug this site for months and never seen those posters - not because over the months of digging this site I've never seen back and forth comedy at teh same temperature - it's because I have my psychic bullshit meter is better than most.

That's probably not all you have that's better than most. And by better I mean worse. Way worse!

I have my psychic bullshit meter is better"? OMFG did you learn grammar at the airport? And by airport I mean MENTAL HOSPITAL WHERE YOU WERE INCARCERATED AGAINST YOUR WILL AS A TODDLER?

it's a fake. you can read about it on the superherhype.com msgboards.

Fakey fake:


Had us fooled, though.

That's a pretty classy fake, have to say.

Also, Vince > Randy.


It's a fake.

Fake, you say?

None of those links lead to anything that disproves this pictures legitimacy. He does have too many fingers though!

It's not that bad, actually...

this is totally awesome
yeah its fake
but still it's kick ass
best villain ever!!

Seriously? That looks NOTHING like Heath Ledger and the make up looks nothing like Heaths in the movie.

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