March 1, 2007

Borat DVD Looks Like Bootleg


According to Slash Film, the DVD cover art for Borat, coming out this Tuesday, is designed to give the impression of a pirated bootleg, an added reminder of the poverty level and criminality of the people mocked within.

Apparently there is not a word of english on the packaging. The DVD cover also appears to look color-copied (complete with off color tones, slightly blurred company logos, blurry text and moire pattern/lithographic scans.

What's odd is that I haven't seen this information anywhere else, and any other shots I've seen of the cover (Amazon, for instance) have shown English writing. I tried confirming the story with a kind shirtless man on Canal St. who was selling a version of Borat quite similar to this. He assured me this was the accurate "bootleg" look of the cover for not just Borat, but many other films as well. Spider-Man 4, for instance, lists the cast and plot summary of True Lies on the back, I guess as a joke. I confessed that I didn't think Spider-Man 3 had even been released yet, let alone 4, which shirtless man took as an offer to buy both.

Now twenty minutes into Spider-Man 4, I feel it plays eerily similarly to a third-generation copy of Arachnophobia.


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It's slipsleeve packaging. The cardstock slipsleeve is in english, but the insert on the case itself is as described above.

I work for Blockbuster. I know things.

I want to be the one to say it because nobody else will.

Sasha Cohen ain't funny.

Thank you,


If you live in NYC, it's available for purchase at Kim's video on St. Marks.

This is absolutely perfect if only it were the true packaging. I guess it's an idea that sounds genuine that may have been nixed or 're-adjusted' for people who just wouldn't get it. Booo..

This packaging is hardly an "added reminder of the poverty level and criminality of the people mocked within" - being that it is white middle class Americans who are being mocked by the subject matter.

It may have been better for Cohen to completely fictionalise the country Borat was from, as he is not a representation any particular former eastern-bloc resident. Rather he is a stark reminder of many of the qualities that a great deal of Westerners believe to exist in "Outsiders".

"may have been nixed or 're-adjusted' for people who just wouldn't get it. Booo.."

The cardboard o-card would be to A) verify authenticity of the product (except in the case of second-hand sales, but then the studios don't make money off those anyway, so whatever) and B) provide the sort of information the studio is contractually obligated to supply.

(Personally, I prefer Bronson Pinchot.)

i bought the movie and the actual disc had scratches on it (and maybe a fingerprint but i'm 10% sure its mine), but only on the top/label side. can anybody confirm that this is intentional?? i'm pissed and wanna return it

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