Mar 28 20077-Elevens Becoming Kwik-E-Marts


Though the deal isn't yet sealed, 7-Eleven has plans to dress 11 of their stores to resemble Kwik-E-Marts in a joint promotion with The Simpsons Movie, including the addition of Simpsons-inspired products like KrustyO's cereal, Buzz Cola, and Squishees. Current 7-Eleven fans need not worry that they'll lose their favorite features of the chain; though the signs and cups will say Squishee, it will still be a classic Slurpee inside, and, thankfully, meth-addicted thieves will continue to burglarize the store on a nightly basis.


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In a related story, Hank Azaria has been cloned and will serve as Apu at each augmented location. When reached for comment, the cloning company said, "Thank you, come again!", thus proving that scientists are still not funny.

Aw, for glaven out loud.

OH snap. i hope this is true. I wonder if I could do my grocery shopping there much like Marge sometimes does?
oh...the simpsons. :)

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