Smurfs Movie Will Be Too Smurfing Long

November 27, 2006

smurfs-trilogy.jpgContinuining the wave of '80s franchises being developed into feature films, an adaptation of Smurfs is being developed by producer Jordan Kerner, who revealed some interesting bits on the project in a recent interview. Kerner revealed that he and Herb Ratner have watched all 234 episodes several times, examined all of the plot holes were, and plan to answer all of those questions along with the origins of Gargamel in a CGI trilogy as epic as The Lord of the Rings.

I don't know the person who was critically examining the world of The Smurfs, watching for plot holes, hoping that there would one day be a nine-hour trilogy to thoroughly detail the origins of the characters, but I imagine he's very happy right now (and desperately hoping the saga won't negate his fan-fiction). I also imagine he's 50 pounds overweight, wears a homemade felt hat, and spends most of his days in a basement, carefully hollowing out mushrooms with a pair of nailclippers to use in his life-size model of the town.


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