October 18, 2006

"Venus" de Trailer


No, this is not an obituary. Peter O'Toole is still alive, a fact I only fully believe now that I've seen the trailer for Venus, in which he's too animated and not wearing sunglasses enough for it to be a Weekend at Bernie's-style hoax. In the film, he stretches himself to play one of a pair of elderly actors whose world is turned upside down when a teenage girl stays with him, taking the hinted May-December romance of Lost in Translation and mixing it with the hilarity of Grumpy Old Men (which leaves us with Lost Old Men, like you see in malls).

There are talks of Oscar possibilities for O'Toole's performance, and I hope that he doesn't actually win for this. To be nominated for Lawrence of Arabia but instead win for a role that can best be described as "an oldish Hugh Grant character" would be a real kick to the gut, a blow O'Toole's liver could never take.


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Is anyone else disgusted by the idea of romance between a teenager and an octegenarian? Anyone? I feel like I'm in Crazy-town, or something.

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