July 17, 2006

The Amazing Spider-Man 3 Poster


On the official Spider-Man movie website you can not only see what the new Spider-Man 3 poster looks like, but see how it changes from red to black when you move back-and-forth past it in a theatre, saving millions of geeks the painful public humiliation that is leaving their homes. The sophisticated technology used to create the effect is the same as the one used at that shop in the "dirty mall" that sells all those portraits of Jesus that do things like bleed or wink when you walk past.

Click the above shot to see the astounding change.


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next week: Sony releases a used tampon that Kirsten Dunst used while fiming SPIDERMAN 3!!!!!!!!!!

Now thats a sweet poster :)

You're going to want that tampon.


I didn't want to mention this, but in the Teaser Trailer, is Harry Osborn riding on a snowboard??

Don't tell me that Sony is cutting corners there, but have these poster doin' stuff!


I didn't realize Apple had hijacked animated gifs. That is, despite the abundance of "GIF" files on that site, the actual ANIMATED PHOTO is, well that's right, a friggen quicktime file. Thank god too because those pesky animated gifs were too easy to load, view and store.


Proteon, I agree.

There are better things on this internet that can crash my PCIE than some stupid four second spiderman poster.

Like a trojan virus!

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