June 1, 2006

Michael Bay's Transformers in Car Mode


The first shots of the robot characters from Michael Bay's Transformers have rolled in, but unfortunately they're all in their "car forms," meaning what you're left with is just some pictures of cars. In an effort to infuriate fans, Bay has already begun changing the makes and models of the vehicles. Bumblebee, the popular character who transformed into a Volkswagen Beetle, is now said to be the above car, a Chevrolet Camaro. Also, instead of being a Pisces interested in long walks and fly fishing, he's now a Libra bicycle hobbyist with a "flair for the unusual."

I don't see the point of changing the characters like this, but then again, I never understood why they transformed in the first place. Couldn't most of the robots fly, anyway? Why turn into a car? You're just restricting yourself. Particularly the guy who turned into a tape player. What is he doing as a tape player that he can't do as a robot holding a tape player? If you want a tape player, just bring a tape player. Simple as that.

See more cars here.


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I think the reason why Bumblebee was changed was because German car manufacturers had problems with their cars being used for war toys (and probably movies based on said toys, and toys based on said movies of said toys). At least that was the reason why Alternator Bumblebee was pulled and Alternator Jazz is not a Porche.

This has gotta be some kinda hoax

They have removed all of the pictures.

@1: You don't think Volkswagen simply wasn't willing to pay for the ad placement? Maybe Chevrolet offered more money to have one of its cars be Bumblebee.

I wonder what the vehicular version of Megatron will be. I don't see him being a handgun that manages to morph to gigantic proportions in this movie. That sounds too goofy for a live-action treatment. (Shockwave is another one that will need to be assigned a vehicle.)

I belive they said that Megatron will be the G2 tank. I don't see how it will work since they already have a tank in the movie though.

Okay, cool.

I read elsewhere that the Decepticons will be military vehicles (tanks, militarized SUVs, choppers and jets), while the Autobots will mostly be "civies" (cars, emergency vehicles, helicopters, police cars). That makes sense and sounds much cooler than the original Transformers concept!

However, they MUST put in Stan Bush's "You Got The Touch" song in the soundtrack!

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