Original Star Wars Trilogy DVD Covers

May 18, 2006


Starwars.com has given fans a glimpse of the September 12th release of the DVD theatrical release of the original Star Wars trilogy by providing the first look at the cover art. Each cover is an imitation of the classic, painted, original posters for the films, remade in a pieced-together, photo-montage style. These reinterpretations are nearly as good as when that middle-aged Creedence Clearwater Revival cover band at the bar down the street plays "Fortunate Son," but without the overweight dancing man who sometimes takes his shirt off.

I don't know why they've chosen to ruin the posters instead of just using the originals, but I can only assume it will somehow make George Lucas millions of dollars.

See the other two under the cut, then look at your walls to compare them to the original posters. Then look at that awesome poster for "Dark Side of the Moon," because we both know you have that one right next to it.




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