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  • February 26, 2016
    Spotlight's Billy Crudup and Upstream Color's Amy Seimetz are now among the many humans that will almost certainly get offed in Alien: Covenant. According to Deadline, Crudup and Seimetz--along with Empire's Jussie Smollett, Selma's Carmen Ejogo, and Machete Kills' Callie Herna... / Continue →
  • August 14, 2014
    Over a decade since Almost Famous, Billy Crudup is back on stage with a maritime-named band thanks to William H. Macy. For his directorial debut, Rudderless, Macy tells the story of a father who loses his son in a school shooting but, in turn, discovers the boy's talent for mus... / Continue →
  • April 1, 2013
    - The BBC has confirmed that gross fan fiction will be made real when David Tennant and Billie Piper join newer Doctor and companion Matt Smith and Jenna-Louise Coleman in this November's Doctor Who 50th anniversary special. John Hurt will also appear to be like, "Wouldn't I ha... / Continue →
  • January 5, 2012
    Pull out your pens and tablets, because our running tally of Incompetent First-Time Criminal Dark Comic Thrillers Set in Wintery Locales--a list that currently includes Fargo, A Simple Plan, Big Nothing, Ice Harvest, Big White, and probably other things I'm forgetting--has a ne... / Continue →
  • April 10, 2009
    Hey, there's a new trailer for Public Enemies, which, if you've forgotten, is the new Michael Mann film that has Johnny Depp and Christian Bale facing off as John Dillinger and Notable Agent Who Hates Dillinger, respectively. Also starring: Marion Cotillard (the lady you didn't... / Continue →
  • March 4, 2009
    As is the case with most recent movies involving a brooding Christian Bale and regular gunfire, Public Enemies looks good. In fact, with Michael Mann at the helm and Johnny Depp as Dillinger (reminding us he can play non-goofy, non-pirate roles), it looks really good. But none ... / Continue →
  • March 2, 2009
    All this week, NBC will be posting a new video profile of a Watchmen character every day. By Friday, you'll know so much about these heroes that you won't even need Teen Beat's "Which Watchmen Do You Kiss Most Like?" quiz to discern that I definitely kiss like The Comedian (rou... / Continue →
  • February 2, 2009
    Another new shot from Watchmen, this time of Dr. Manhattan exploding a guy. I swear, by the time the film comes out, I'll have seen so many production stills that it will feel like I've already read some kind of "image book" that outlines the entire plot. Then what's the point ... / Continue →
  • December 10, 2008
    The Watchmen footage shown at the San Diego Comic Convention has finally been made a feature of the internet. iTunes is now hosting the trailer, which you can access by clicking here (via AICN) or searching "watchmen" in the iTunes program. If you go with the latter option, be ... / Continue →
  • November 14, 2008
    This Watchmen trailer is going to knock you on your nerdy ass. It will knock your books out of your arms, shove you in a locker, and make you do its homework, but you'll still pathetically ask it to come to your birthday party:... / Continue →