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'Harry Potter' Stars Sign on To Be Princess, Servile Hunchback


Following a path genetics set out for them long before they became stars in Harry Potter, Emma Watson will become a princess, while Daniel Radcliffe will become a kind of weird-looking laboratory assistant.

Having just flattered himself to play a young Jon Hamm, Radcliffe is now skewing safely the other way with things to play Igor in 20th Century Fox's Frankenstein, one of so many Frankenstein projects that it's not even worth getting into. It's a lot. This one is being directed by Paul McGuigan, from a script from Chronicle's Max Landis that is reportedly being described as a tale of redemption and friendship. Because sometime when you're sewing a man together, what you're really stitching is men together. Think about it.

Radcliffe's old co-star Emma Watson, meanwhile, is at last becoming the princess the internet creepily calls her. She'll play the title role in Disney's live-action Cinderella, which already has her Potter co-star Kenneth Branagh attached to direct and Cate Blanchett signed to play the cruel step-mother. Watson's casting comes as little surprise, as she already circled a musical version of Cinderella back in 2009, and several online forums and fan-art sites have already shown abundant interest in the idea of anyone handling any of the actress's footwear.

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