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Will Arnett Fleeing NBC into CBS's Multi-Camera Embrace


Running Wilde didn't last long on Fox, and Up All Night is violently mutating itself to death over at NBC, so now Will Arnett is following the sound of laughter over to CBS, where they have a button that produces that laughter. (They also have a button that produces investigable crime scenes.)

He's reportedly signed a deal to star in the network's still-untitled half-hour, multi-camera sitcom from Greg Garcia (Raising Hope). Arnett will play Jack, a recently-divorced guy who finds that--get this!--his parents also are having marital problems. Presumably the parents will also live nearby, following in the footsteps of Everybody Loves Raymond, King of Queens, $#*! My Dad Says, and ¡Rob! to continue making CBS America's #1 network for a loud, elderly, somewhat-notable actor to inexplicably join a scene.

Should the pilot get picked up, Arnett's obligations to NBC's Up All Night would come first, but lucky for him, that's been decreasingly likely to be a problem. The network last October decided to make the comedy visibly broader by putting it in front of a live studio audience, believing they could solve all their problems by throwing additional cameras at them. They've since learned otherwise: Arnett's co-star Christian Applegate--seemingly an integral part of a show about a couple raising a child--has now exited the show. A desperate NBC is still reportedly trying to salvage the thing, shifting the sitcom's attention to an actually-pregnant Maya Rudolph, Arnett, and some kind of excuse for why Applegate is now a wigged Sean Hayes, but "the writing staff is believed to be seeking new jobs," so that's looking less and less likely. Time will tell if the network will finally just cancel the whole thing, or if now is the time for Up All Night to become a variety show building up to a live birth.

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