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Tina Fey and Pete's Wife from '30 Rock' Doing Movie That Unfortunately Won't Bring the Show Back


30 Rock is over, but thanks to Tina Fey's clever decision to not end her show by telling off the entire cast and crew, the 30 Rock-birthed collaborations are just beginning.

Just days after her series' finale, Fey is reportedly now attached to star in The Nest, a film from writer Paula Pell--a 30 Rock scribe, SNL vet, and This Is 40 executive producer who's probably best known for her minor role as TGS producer Pete Hornberger's abhorred wife. Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore is in talks to bring his inoffensive touch to the comedy, which will see Fey and a 30-something sister coming home to find their childhood house up for sale and spending "a last wild weekend together, bonding and feuding and finally growing up." The part of the sister has yet to be won, but after the huge success at this year's Golden Globes, yes, it does seem like the winner will be Argo.

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