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Stacy Keach Joins 'Sin City 2' (As the Villain, Obviously)


Having already used Powers Boothe in the original Sin City, Robert Rodriguez has been forced to move on to the obvious second choice when it comes to a weathered duffelbag head with a gravelly voice and single slit of pearly whites revealing nefarious intent beneath a cartoon villain mustache.

So, for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For, he's going to use Stacy Keach as the main heavy, with Variety reporting Keach will play Wallenquist, a mob boss Sin City creator Frank has called "pure evil" and "the one man who can't be redeemed in Sin City." Keach recently appeared in The Bourne Legacy, and he's no stranger to violent black & white imagery nor association with comic books. Here he is exploring both in a diatribe about Bazooka Joe gum:

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