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Sorry, Environment: Leonardo DiCaprio's Save-the-Earth Hiatus Probably Already Over


Less than a month since announcing his intention to "take a long, long break [and] fly around the world doing good for the environment," Leonardo DiCaprio is already tweaking his retirement plan: Now, instead of flying around and doing good for the environment, maybe he'll just keep being a movie star and do some more movies.

Leaving fragile Mother Earth to tend to herself while he plays make-believe, the actor and hollow promiser is reportedly eyeing a role in The Road Home, a drama that would see him playing a Depression-era rancher on the Central California coast--which will probably only exist for a few more decades before rising sea levels cover it thanks to lazy inaction. In the film, his character would get embroiled in scandal while investigating a brutal murder that the police have chosen to ignore. But perhaps ignoring a problem is easier than flying around the world trying to address it, huh, Leo? Crazy Heart writer-director Scott Cooper is adapting from Michael Armour's novel, and will direct and produce alongside DiCaprio, who's developing the project under his Appian Way banner and a sky that every day grows thicker with smog.

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