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Some More Stylish Academy Awards Posters


Well, it looks like this is the year the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences discovered designer-y, screen-printed posters that celebrate movie fandom with a little class, so maybe the Academy's girlfriend will let it keep them up when she moves in. Earlier today, we saw this Olly Moss-designed poster for Oscar's Best Picture heritage, and now, from EW, we have a set of prints--designed by various artists, once again in collaboration with Gallery1988--to commemorate all of the year's Best Picture nominees. Have a look below, and see the stylish Amour poster you've always dreamed of having over your bed, ever reminding you of the inevitability of senescence.

(Matt Owen)

(Anthony Petrie)

(Rich Kelly)

(Mark Englert)

(Phantom City Creative)

(Tom Whalen)

(Jeff Boyes)

(Joshua Budich)



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