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'Simon Killer' Trailer: Just a Psycho Trying To Find Himself in Paris


After his well-regarded debut Afterschool, writer-director Antonio Campos returns with the equally unnerving-looking follow-up in Simon Killer, in your fancy art-house theaters April 5th. As you'll see in the trailer below, the film begins with the well-worn indie situation of twenty-something white guy (Simon, played by Martha Marcy May Marlene's Brady Corbet) heartbroken and looking to find himself and a charming little rebound while alone in France; things quickly shift darker when he finds his new girlfriend in the sex trade, and he starts arrogantly thinking he can improve upon our oldest profession. Like, hey: instead of turning a bunch of tricks, how about just doing one rich married guy then blackmailing him? Well, judging by the tone of this trailer, that idea does not go so well. Also, judging by the the official summary's hint about "the ultimate revelation of Simon's true nature"--plus, you know, the title--it seems like this Simon guy might be something of a sociopath. Such is the magic of Paris!

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