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See Some Gritty Child Detective Work in 'Kid's Police' Trailer


Though we've long theorized spy work to be the most-fulfilling dangerous work to watch a kid partake in, those great innovators of Japan have some new evidence to prove otherwise: Kid's Police, a hard-boiled, '70s detective drama that puts children in the roles of the cops. It sounds like a cheap, cutesy gag, but as you'll see in the trailer below, these kid police really sell it--especially the chief kid, whose portrayal of bad-ass in boys' section sizes plays a lot stronger than anything in Jack Reacher. Have a look:

It's not yet clear if the film will make it to the U.S. or otherwise beyond Japan, but if you're now desperate to watch a 2nd grader wielding a shotgun, the series Kid's Police is based on has been fan subtitled and can be watched here.


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