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Ricky Gervais Teases 'Muppets... Again!', Imminent Return of David Brent


The Office (UK) has been off the air for nearly a decade now, but as that series made clear, the loss of a job isn't something that stops David Brent from still showing up anyway. Ricky Gervais's most enduring character reappeared a couple times at the US's Dunder Mifflin Paper Company in 2011, and on March 15, he's headed back to the BBC for The Office Revisited. Part of Comic Relief, the one-off special picks up where Brent is now, another ten years on: still selling cleaning products, still forcing serenades on his coworkers, still striving for the racial harmony of Equality Street, but now also managing musical talent.

Gervais has posted a couple teasers for Brent's return on his YouTube, where he's also got a brief teaser of his role in The Muppets sequel. Have a watch below.

Fuller "Brent's Back" trailer, with some real footage, over here.

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