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Nic Cage Would Like To Actually Try To Make a B-Movie


After years of doing B-movies under the guise of ostensibly being actual, decent films, Nicolas Cage is ready to at last embrace his love of doing terrible shit with a 1960s-style Roger Corman film.

Speaking at the Berlin International Film Festival, Cage explained his attempts at making a film slightly less-credible than usual, telling reporters:

"I had a great idea, and I tried to get it made. I said, 'Roger, I want to do a 1960s Roger Corman film right now, I want to do everything the same, it's an experiment. I want the same costumes, I want the same fog machine, I want the same blood and I want to go somewhere with you and make a classic Roger Corman film in 2013 or whenever.' And we had a great meeting in New Orleans and it was good to go."

Unfortunately for Cage, three of his last four films made a combined $740k at the box office and he says he "can't get the money" to fund as risky-even-by-Cage-standards as a '60s Roger Corman film--even though such a thing should not really cost very much to make, even by '60s standards. But on the plus side, while redoing a cheap old Corman film with Nicolas Cage is not viable, redoing a cheap old Christian film with Nicolas Cage apparently still is, so keep looking forward to that Left Behind reboot later next year.

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