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Naomi Watts, Robin Wright Child Swap for 'Two Mothers' Trailer


The Lonely Island's Motherlover meets Skinemax melodrama meets a grossly-convoluted "I did your mom" insult in Two Mothers, a film that stars Naomi Watts and Robin Wright as isolated, forsaken moms with needs like anyone else, leading them to the obvious solution of just fucking each other's sons. Here's a trailer to help you figure out if that is very gross, sort of sexy, or just vaguely disconcerting for reasons that aren't exactly moral but are still telling you you definitely shouldn't do that.

We'll have to wait for the film to hit theaters before learning the rest of their findings on the viability of mother-son sex-swapping partner relationships. In the meantime, everyone just stay out of each other's mothers. Especially mine.

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