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Michel Gondry's Noam Chomsky Documentary Has a Trailer


Just over a month into 2013 and already the year is plump with whimsy, stuffed with cloud cars and mouse barbers thanks to a particularly busy January from Michel Gondry. He and the decorated cardboard box that magically manifests his dreams have clearly been working overtime, and already he's got another film ready to debut next week.

As first reported two years ago, Gondry has been working on an animated documentary based on a series of interviews with Noam Chomsky, the MIT professor, scientist and philosopher called "the father of modern linguistics." Titled Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?, the film will premiere at Chomsky's home university Tuesday evening, and ThePlaylist dug up a trailer for it. It sounds like it could be quite insightful, and looks like being dropped into Gondry's unfiltered id, where you will die of either delightfully-childlike overexposure or the most fanciful epileptic seizures. Have a look below (though I'm sort of serious about the epilepsy thing).

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