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Michael Keaton Feels Need To Join 'Need for Speed' Movie


Faced with intense competition from rival, more-popular "guys driving cars" franchise Fast & Furious 6, DreamWorks is adding to their Need for Speed adaptation the one thing capable of topping Vin Diesel driving a car through the tip of a crashing airplane: Michael Keaton, doing anything.

THR reports Keaton has signed on to join the studio's street-racing video game adaptation, which already has Aaron Paul, Dominic Cooper, Imogen Poots, and Kid Cudi attached to play other non-car plot elements. Paul plays the lead, a wrongly-imprisoned former convict racing in a cross-country trek fraught with more danger and less whimsy than when Forrest Gump did that. Borrowing from his Herbie Fully Loaded training, Keaton is to play the host of a underground supercar race, a man described as "reclusive and eccentric" so that instead of acknowledging Michael Keaton is in a video game movie, we can just keep pretending he's being Batman. Cool, we love Batman!


"Let's race, Breaking Bad. I'm Batman. Not a different character."

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