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Here's a Movie Where Wesley Snipes Is a Cowboy with Dreadlocks Who Rips Dudes' Heads Off


Wesley Snipes is currently in jail for tax evasion, but even from behind bars he continues to show his undying loves of killing the undead and making poor decisions with the trailer for something called GallowWalkers. In the film, Snipes plays a man named Aman, characterized as "a mysterious gunman" even if he is perhaps more notably "a mysterious guy-who-tears-heads-off-with-his-bare-hands-man." Because Wesley Snipes does that, too. He also has dreadlocks and a little beard made of badger. AND THAT'S NOT ALL. He is also cursed by God, damned to an eternity in which every dude he kills will return from the dead for vengeance. And while most of us would never even be aware of such a curse, Cowboy Wesley Snipes is super aware of it, because this guy is really into shooting guys and tearing their heads off. So you can see the conflict here.

Here's the trailer:

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