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Gucci Model James Franco Making Gucci Documentary


James Franco, strangely intrigued by Gucci ever since they made James Franco their face, has decided to dive deeper into the Gucci pool he sensually emerged from in 2008 with a feature-length documentary on the brand.

While his recent nonfiction efforts have been aimed mainly at scaring Mom--his docs Kink and Interior. Leather Bar. just premiered at Sundance--this one will focus on a more benign subject, less likely to stir images of assless chaps, looking at Frida Giannini has shaped the fashion house since becoming its full creative director in 2006. Variety reports the project will re-team him with Kink director Christina Voros, who he's worked with on a number of projects, including the 2010 SNL documentary Saturday Night and several other Franco-directed works. Hopefully Franco's work modeling for the brand will not affect his objectivity when it comes to reporting Giannini's invention of a $135 t-shirt to make it look like your baby is wearing suspenders.

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