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'G.I. Joe 2' Starts Viral Campaign Based on Popularity of Recruitment Videos


After the breakout success of their quickly-spread "this movie is mediocre to bad and, amazingly, needs more Channing Tatum" campaign, Paramount has begun an all-new viral marketing game for their long-delayed G.I. Joe: Retaliation. As you can see from the above banner, this one is based on Cobra recruitment, with the studio putting out banners, posters, and the below recruitment video that, despite the film's special effects budget, is nowhere near as cool as that one where a Marine fights a lava monster.

On the official Cobra Special Foces site, they also promise some sort of special recruiting functions taking place across the country at events like a monster truck rally, a Kid Rock show, a WWE match, and several distance runs. Because if you've truly got what it takes to sit through G.I. Joe: Retaliation, you're going to need endurance, and really bad taste in entertainment.

(Thanks to Hal, who points out they totally got Keith David for this thing.)

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