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First Look at Stop-Motion Guru Henry Selick's Latest, 'The Shadow King'


After being dropped mid-way by Disney and turned away by Coraline's studio, Laika, Nightmare Before Christmas director and stop-motion genius Henry Selick's latest film seemed to be dead, a cruelly-belated punishment for his making Monkeybone. But no: hope has arrived from Munich-based producers K5 International. They're reportedly giving Selick's The Shadow King a new home and financing, and as such, they've released a promo one-sheet, official synopsis, and cast listing for the film. It sounds like one to look forward to, even as Selick must continue to dread inevitable Monkeybone comeuppance. Have a look below.


The Shadow King ANIMATION / 2014

Director: Henry Selick

Cast: Jaden Betts (Voice of Hap) Pamela Adlon (Voice of Richard) Brendon Gleeson (Voice of Darce) Jeffrey Tambor (Voice of Cuzzie Bell) Catherine O'Hara (Voice of Miss Fern)

Producer: Josh Penn, Sarah Serata

Hap Dagger, a nine-year-old orphan, hides his fantastically weird hands from a cruel world. But when a Living Shadow Girl teaches him to make amazing hand shadows that come alive, his hands become incredible weapons in a shadow war against a ravenous Monster who could destroy Hap's brother and all of New York.

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