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Disney Confirms They're Doing These 'Star Wars' Spin-Offs


Faced with today's rumors that they're working on a standalone Yoda movie, Disney CEO Bob Iger has quickly responded to say, yup, that's pretty much it.

Speaking to those Star Wars-loving fanboys of CNBC, where he was discussing the super-geeky Disney first-quarter earnings report, Iger wouldn't confirm a Yoda film specifically but did verify that some stand-alone films are in the works to increase the Star War revenue stream. And, as has been rumored, those stand-alone movies are indeed the films Simon Kinberg and Lawrence Kasdan have been working on. The question remains over who will be the focus of these films, but with the timing of things, odds seem good Yoda will be one of them. The other one is probably Yoda's dad, Mike.

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