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Death Will Not Stand in the Way of That 'Kite' Remake


If you figured the recent, untimely death of director David R. Ellis meant the end of his live-action adaptation of Kite, you would be wrong about that. Deadline reports the anime remake, previously meant to reunite Samuel L. Jackson with his Snakes on a Plane director in an environment free of flight and reptile infestation, is still moving forward without Ellis, and will now be helmed by South African director Ralph Ziman. "The zest and enthusiasm David Ellis had for this project led to my commitment to do it. That same commitment to David leads me to fulfill my obligation to see his dedication fulfilled," Jackson said in a statement.

This will be Jackson's first time working with Ziman, though he previously worked with a commitment to keep doing this crap regardless of who died on xXx: State of the Union.

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