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Backstreet Boys Also Get Documentary, Because They Want It That Way


What a great time to be alive! And searching for more extensive boy band information than Tiger Beat profiles currently provide!

Following the release of a trailer for Morgan Spurlock's One Direction film comes news today that there's going to be a feature-length Backstreet Boys documentary. Stephen Kijak is directing--having previously covered Backstreet Boy equals Scott Walker and The Rolling Stones with 30 Century Man and Stones in Exile--and says of the project, "What drew me to this project is their openness and willingness to push themselves into uncomfortable places, to be vulnerable and honest and to be really trusting of the filmmaking team to steer them in the right direction."

Without mentioning any specific 3-D boy band puff pieces directed by decreasingly-relevant documentarians, Kijak also "promised the film wouldn't just be some '3-D Boy Band puff piece,'" adding, "BSB is getting real and it has been exciting to work with them as they explore their past and start to look towards their futures." Because BSB are getting real, and they have futures.

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