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Adam Sandler Retreating into Tropical, Drew Barrymore Romantic-Comedy


He'd been considering a trip West, where men have made their fortune in gold and funny wigs, but now it seems Adam Sandler will be sticking to the sunny beaches where he so often meets disproportionately-attractive mates.

Deadline reports the actor is now putting aside his plans for a wild west comedy (Seth MacFarlane will take care of that anyway) to instead do a resort-set romantic-comedy--a concept that Sandler has worn through like so many pairs of cargo shorts. He's already done tropical romance in Just Go with It and 50 First Dates, and appropriately/lazily, this latest venture will likely again pair him with The Wedding Singer and the latter film's love interest, Drew Barrymore. She and Sandler would play divorced parents set up on a blind date that goes quite poorly; somehow they then end up together at a resort with their respective children, and "despite everything they can do to resist, the attraction grows between the two," as no woman can resist the charms of Adam Sandler. Just as no Sandler can resist the allure of anything that lets him wear a t-shirt the whole time: the film is already confirmed to be his next project, and it will shoot just as soon as a director is chosen from the usual coin toss between Dennis Dugan and Frank Coraci.

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