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Watch the Retro Sci-Fi of 'C 299,792 km/s' in Full


These days, it's pretty much impossible to find a sci-fi space film that doesn't rely on greenscreens and slick computer graphics to define its world. I guess the same is true for local weather reports, but on the first point, filmmakers Derek Van Gorder and Otto Stockmeier have been working to challenge that now-accepted production model with an older, much more costly and cumbersome one. Since 2011, they've been working to put together a sci-fi short with the practical, optical methods of yesteryear, using only tangible sets, cool little spaceship models, and a lot of party lights. So many party lights.

Well, now they're done, and you can watch the full 12-minute short online below. As you'll see, it's based in the teachings of a fake Carl Sagan, so you know it's real.

(Thanks, Otto and Austin)

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