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Warner Looking at Another New Batch of 'Gremlins'


Ignoring any and all cautionary tales about taking a cute little thing and making it bigger and sexier, Warner Bros. it reportedly looking at giving the usual reboot treatment to the 1984 Spielberg-produced sort-of-classic Gremlins.

This ideas has come up several times before, springing from the moisture of our spitted vitriol--just a couple years ago there were rumors of a Gremlins 3D--but Vulture's sources claim "it might just actually come off this time." Previous attempts had always been stymied by what it would cost to make the deal with Spielberg, whose involvement may be a requirement to going forward with any plans. Now, apparently Warner has decided his deal may be worth it, as you can't put a price on the selling power of a Gremlins "from the guy who brought you the one about Lincoln." Guess we'll just see how this goes, and whether Shia LaBeouf is too variously grown-up for it.

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