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Warner Bros. Adapting 'The Odyssey' (IN SPACE)


Looks like Lynne Ramsay's Moby Dick in Space is getting some competition in the vast galaxy of the public domain, as Warner Bros. has reportedly re-started development on an adaptation of The Odyssey that will shift the action from dumb old Earth to outer space.

According to Deadline, Terry Dougas of 1821 Pictures "hatched the idea" of taking A Space Odyssey so literally, and James DiLapo has been hired to write the script, changing all the tale's stupid, outmoded boats and bows and cyclopses into indisputably better shuttles and lasers and space cyclopses. Brad Pitt was years ago attached to star as a shameful thematic follow-up to Wolfgang Petersen's brainless take on The Iliad, Troy, but has decided this is not such a clever idea (the idea, again, being The Odyssey, but in space). Despite now lacking a star, already the studio is reportedly seeing this as a potential franchise. Because The Odyssey Inside the Human Body, anyone?

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