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'Warcraft' Movie Coming from 'Moon' Director


With Sam Raimi last summer giving up World of Warcraft due to obligations with Oz: The Great and Powerful--the film that is the live-in girlfriend forcing him to pay less attention to raid events and more to her needs--Legendary Pictures has found someone new to take over as their film's party leader.

THR reports the live-action adaption of the popular massively-multiplayer RPG will now be directed by Duncan Jones, the David Bowie spawn that already won nerds over with Moon, and with Source Code truly captured the essence of WoW in the story of a man playing out the same, slightly-changing actions over and over, while he's actually just sitting there staring into a video screen.

The long-developing project is scheduled to finally start shooting in the fall, with a $100 million+ budget and an eye on a 2015 release under the shortened title of Warcraft. No details on Charles Leavitt's script. Someone will probably have to avenge Sean Bean.

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